Green Building


Sustainability is no longer just a trendy buzzword – it’s the driving force for many construction projects. With a proven track record in green building and green building expertise, along with established relationships with companies that specialize in energy-efficient products and services, Mainz Builders is committed to minimizing the carbon footprint of new and existing homes.

As a pioneer in green building expertise in Southern California, we have a passion for educating our clients and the public about the benefits of green building. Not only is the strategy good for the planet, it can benefit your bottom line, too. We provide our clients with various ways they can go green on their next home remodeling or new construction project, from sustainable demolition/construction waste management to choosing energy-efficient building materials such as solar panels.

In the long run, many clients find that when they go green, they save green. So everybody wins, including Mother Earth. Here, just a few of the green building services we offer:

  • Home performance assessment
  • Air-conditioning and heating assessment
  • House solar
  • Pool solar
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